turbine ouvre son site officiel sur AC2

Le site AC2 de Turbine viens d'ouvrir ses portes!
Extrait du mail envoyé par Ramen au staff JoL :
The Turbine AC2 Site is Live

We’ve officially re-launched the Turbine AC2 site, located at http://ac2.turbinegames.com/.

This is of course a transitional period, the first step toward bringing site functions in-house, and not a full flipping of the switch. Many functions such as State of the Network, are still being handled on Insider. We’ll keep you updated as we move more functions onto the site.

Our new forums
(http://forums.ac2.turbinegames.com/) have been unofficially live since last week, as people trickled in to help beta test them, but they are now officially open for business and we encourage you to begin using them. In a week or so, we’ll take down the ACCMTY forums.

Feedback is welcome on both the forums and the site itself. Please feel free to send a PM or email me at ramen@turbinegames.com if you have questions, comments, or bugs to report.

Thanks, and enjoy the site!


Asheron's Call 2 Online Community Relations
Turbine Entertainment Software
Source : http://www.accmty.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=53397


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