Infos sur le nouveau système de craft

Bearcat de la live team d'AC2 viens de dévoiler quelques informations sur le futur système de craft qui sera adopté.
Crafting Diary: Odds and Ends

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? As the Crafting 2.0 launch approaches, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had much time to keep in touch. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks are concerned with the details of the old-Crafting-to-new-Crafting conversion, so here are some answers to common questions I’ve seen voiced on the boards.

Will (Toolmaking/Item Improvement/Armor Dyeing) still exist?

Okay, so that’s three questions....
Toolmaking will be much more important in the new Crafting system. It’s impossible to mine trait or butcher corpses without tools, and although tool-selling NPCs hang out near crafting centers, their tools are cheap and shoddy. Tools also provide an indispensable boost to other crafting skills. Like all other crafted items, tools wear out over time, so toolmakers can expect an ongoing demand for their goods.

Item Improvement is going away. But don’t panic! The ‘Spellbinding’ vocation allows players to remove and re-apply enchantments found on looted items. So it’ll be possible to improve just about any looted weapon from its original state by adding an extracted enchantment taken from another item. Also, items with lousy stats but good enchantments will become valuable to crafters looking to scavenge those enchantments. Don’t worry, looted items won’t become irrelevant with the new system.

Armor Dyeing will temporarily go away when Craft 2.0 launches, just so we have more time to spend on everything else. Shortly afterwards, Dyeing will probably become available to everyone. Our current plan is to make Dye Plants directly usable on pieces of armor without any crafting skills at all. We know how much players like to customize their avatars, and the old system makes it hard (even dangerous!) to try new things. And hey, now you'll be able to dye attuned items!

Will Trophies still be needed to craft items?

No. Most weapons and armor will consume some mined resources (like Iron or Silver), some butchered resources (like Hide, Bone or Sinew), and some Charcoal (to fuel the forge). Charcoal will be bought from NPCs, but the other ingredients must be purchased from player Miners and Butchers--there is no other way to obtain them. Trophy hunting will no longer be necessary to become a master Crafter.

However, helpful new NPCs will reward players for the trophies they collect, so they won’t be valueless. And new ways to use trophies are in the works. So don’t throw away all those Banderling Teeth just yet....

What about all the Trophies I already spent while crafting Weapons? I’d better get something for those!

We know that some crafting vocations are more expensive and painful to level than others. We’re trying to design the craft XP conversion tables so that players who went out of their way to achieve extreme skills in difficult crafts don’t end up feeling hosed.

What about my crafting tools? My Elder Motes? My Trait stockpiles?

Generally speaking, obsolete Tools, Motes and Traits are being removed from the game. These items have changed so much that the old ones can’t be converted to new ones in any fair way. We know how much effort crafters spent amassing their hoards, but remember, after the conversion, experienced crafters will have a huge leg up on everyone else. It won’t take long to restock your businesses with the supplies you need. And by purchasing new tools and resources, you’ll be supporting Dereth’s fledgling economy!

Behind the scenes, what state is Crafting 2.0 in? What are you guys doing these days?

Crafting 2.0 is really starting to come together. Very soon, this stuff will be playable and testable--first in-house, and then by the ever-helpful Vanguard crew.

At the moment, Bearcat (that’s me) is busy rewriting bits and pieces of old quests that involved the crafting system. (Imagine how excited the Arwic Mines Overseer must be--he’s finally getting some new lines!) I’m also adjusting old quest recipes to use new materials and cleaning up other obsolete content. Eligius is wrapping up the code for several underlying systems--Mining and Butchering among them--so that we can move into the testing phase soon.

We’re all excited about the progress that’s being made, and despite a jam-packed couple of months, everything looks good for an on-time release. We know how eager everyone is to explore the new Crafting system, and we’re equally eager to see it in action. Thanks for hanging in there!

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