Recrutement pour Vanguard

Turbine désire augmenter le nombre de testeurs sur le serveur test vanguard.
Greetings, I'll get right to the point. We’re looking for more Vanguard testers. In about a month, we’ll be opening our new AC2 website, and we’ll be moving the Vanguard forums there as well. This seems like a perfect opportunity to revise and improve the Vanguard program, so we’re going to break Vanguard into teams based on what people are most interested in. But first things first, let’s talk about Vanguard in general. Vanguard is a team of active, paying subscribers who see the pre-release versions of monthly updates and help playtest them. They also act as a sounding board for new ideas, helping to hone them before we move forward with them. To be in Vanguard, you must have an active AC2 account (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to connect to the test server). You will also be required to sign a Vanguard Test Agreement. You must also be at least 18 years of age. You’ll enjoy being in Vanguard a lot more if you have patience. Bad things sometimes happen to the test world; for instance, there may be bugs that could cause your test-world character to be corrupted, and have to be deleted. Sometimes, the test world may go down for some time. Problems like these are par for the course. After all, finding this stuff is the point of running a test world. But if it’s going to upset you, it’s probably not a good idea to be in Vanguard. It also helps if you are a good communicator. You’ll want to be able to explain bugs and problems that you find so that our QA engineers can reproduce them. You’ll also find that well-presented arguments get a lot more dev attention. Vanguard isn’t a democracy or a council of elder players or anything like that; it’s a sounding board. So the better you can sound off your opinion in ways that we can understand and relate to, the more effective you’ll be. Flames and angry posts are frowned upon. Although you aren’t expected to display a Vulcan-like suppression of emotion, you are also expected to avoid bashing and name-calling, and to keep things civil. Some calmness and a thick skin will serve you well here. Since we’re going to be moving Vanguard to a new set of forums we decided to do some reorganization while we were at it. This time around, we’re going to break Vanguard into several focus groups. Everyone in Vanguard will be able to help with any aspect of the game, but the people in these focus groups will be especially oriented towards a single topic. To be clear: you are not pigeonholed to a particular area. This is just a way to better organize things based on what you’re most interested in. The focus groups are: PvP combat: Subscribers in this focus group are interested in PvP, and want to see it be the most exciting gameplay possible. They can set aside the specifics of their particular template or combat style in order to see the “big picture.” They will be testing the upcoming PvP combat changes, and making sure that they work for all the different classes in the game. KvK dynamics: Subscribers in this focus group are interested in kingdom based competition, whether that be PvP or non-PvP competition. They want to see the AC2 Kingdoms be the most interesting and compelling they can be. In the short term, this team will be mostly focused on PvP Kingdom battles (discussing such topics as the Kingdom Point algorithm for PvP battles), but after a few months, they will be focused on our upcoming kingdom land-ownership dynamic, where Kingdoms will compete in different ways to control territory and the powers that come with that territory. Crafting: Subscribers in this focus group are hardcore crafters and want the AC2 crafting system to be interesting, fun, and deep. They would like to see the crafting system become a focal point around which the AC2 economy flourishes. This group will be focusing on the upcoming rewritten crafting system. Quests and Dungeons: Subscribers in this group are particularly focused on the importance of fun quests and dungeons. All Vanguard members can play with all the new content, but the volunteers in this group are particularly focused on quality and polish. Some of these focus groups will probably disappear at times when we are focused more on other things. Other focus groups will take their place for things like Skills or Treasure. But let’s start with these four, as these are the things we’re working on in the near future. So, if you are excited about AC2 and are interested in helping it reach its full potential, please consider joining Vanguard. You should know before you join that you will not be receiving any compensation for your participation and that under the terms of the Vanguard Test Agreement, you must agree, among other things, to keep all aspects of the pre-release version of our game confidential and that your suggestions and feedback will belong to Turbine. If you are interested in joining Vanguard and you are at least 18 years of age, please PM me (Ramen) with the following information: * your account name * your real-life name * which focus group you want to be in * why you think you would be a good Vanguard member Thanks! Ramen Asheron's Call 2 Online Community Relations
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