news sur la gestion de la vie et vigor en PvP

Citan viens de publier un texte expliquant ce qu'ils envisagent de faire prochainement concernant les futurs changements pour le PvP.
Lengthening the Duration of PvP Combat

Coming in: March

One of the major shortcomings of PvP in AC2 is that you die so quickly. The problem is that monsters and players scale at different rates. Monsters gain hit points more quickly than they gain attack damage, and players are vice versa. This makes the PvM combat work well, but PvP combat is very brief, since people dish out tons of damage and can’t take more than a couple hits. Brief combats can be exciting, and we don’t want to turn combats into day-long slugfests, but increasing the duration by a minute or two would help because:

- It helps to give tactical combat (particularly group tactics) room to shine.

- It keeps super-strong attacks from being “instant win” buttons.

- It slightly reduces the importance of the element of surprise, and increases the focus on strategy and teamwork.

- Simply put, longer battles would be more fun.

Exactly how much longer are we talking? We aren’t sure yet. It’s a pretty subjective thing.


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